This Is Icelandic Indie Music (CD)

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This Is Icelandic Indie Music is a compilation that features previously released tracks from Record Records’ catalog mixed with some new ones. This Is Icelandic Indie Music spans twelve tracks by twelve artists that have put significant marks on the Icelandic music landscape over the last few years.

The opening track is by the indie folk/pop darlings Of Monsters and Men, a band that’s most certainly Iceland’s biggest band since Björk and Sigur Rós. The suave indie dance outfit Retro Stefson brings forth a splendid compound of influences from European, South-American, African and North-American music on their dazzling contribution. Kiriyama Family’s first single from their 2012′s self-titled debut calls to mind all the essential elements of groovy electro pop. FM Belfast is Record Records newest signing and We Are Faster Than You is the first single from their forthcoming third album. Iceland’s purveyors of funky yacht rock, Moses Hightower, released on of the finest tracks of 2012. The eleven piece dub/reggae outfit Ojba Rasta released their debut album in 2012 and it has had quite some success in Iceland. Sykur is one of Icelandic most energetic indie/dance outfits and they’ve just signed with Wall Of Sound Records who’ll release them outside of Iceland. Tilbury’s Exorcise is possibly the most enjoyable and confident debut that has been released in Iceland for years. Mammút’s first single from their anticipated third album that will be released in the fall of 2013. The highly complex and sophisticated emo-rockers Agent Fresco released on the most talked about albums in 2010 called A Long Time Listening. Ensími’s fourth album Gæludýr features some of the strongest material ever recorded by the lingering kings of Icelandic math core. Lockerbie have ridden high on the second wave of Icelandic post rock and lately they’ve been belting out some of the most captivating alt rock anthems heard in Iceland for a very long time.



1. Of Monsters and Men – King and Lionheart
2. Retro Stefson – Glow
3. Kiriyama Family – Sneaky Boots
4. FM Belfast – We Are Faster Than You
5. Moses Hightower – Sjáum hvað setur
6. Ojba Rasta – Hreppstjórinn
7. Sykur – Reykjavík
8. Tilbury – Drama
9. Mammút – Salt
10. Agent Fresco – Implosions
11. Ensími – Aldanna ró
12. Lockerbie – Esja

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