The Way it Is (booklet)



  • The Way it Is (booklet) -
  • The Way it Is (booklet) -
  • The Way it Is (booklet) -
  • The Way it Is (booklet) -

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 All you want to know about Iceland in one small booklet. 

The Swiss artist Karin Kurzmeyer put down on paper what she and her colleague Piret Uustal from Estonia found curious in Iceland when they were together at the Academy of Arts in Reykjavík. To Karin these are Very serious pictures from Iceland.

All Karin’s drawings are to be found in this lovely booklet, along with very serious information about cats, elves, bananas and other things Icelandic.

This booklet was formerly known as The Straight Stuff but has been renamed The Way it Is. 

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  Hundahólmi offers eco-friendly merchandise that makes you smile and understand Iceland a bit better.


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