Villimey - Skin Charm (100 ml)



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This organic Charm nurtures and softens dry skin, and is especially healing and softening for eczema, solar dermatitis, psoriasis and other skin conditions. Effective salve for eruptions, allergic eczema and known to alleviate itching. 

Research has shown Skin Charm to possess anti aging properties, it aids in maintaining the fullness of the skin and protects against skin damage.

A certified organic salve, no added preservatives, fragrance or colour. pH 6,95.

Made from hand-picked Icelandic herbs. 

Produced in Tálknafjörður Iceland by Villimey

About Villimey

Villimey, “Wild Maiden” in Icelandic", specializes in biological salves and ointments made of Icelandic herbs. Villimey has an international certification for the sustainable gathering of wild plants by the Iceland-based certification institute Tún.

All the Villimey products contain specially selected Icelandic herbs that have been hand picked in the pure, untainted environment of the West Fords in Iceland. 

The Villimey team take great care to gather only the healthiest herbs in peak condition, herbs that grow in nutritious soil and are blessed with plenty of clean water and unpolluted air. This passion for purity has been recognized with International Organic Certification. Research conducted by Matísan Icelandic Food and Biotech R&D institute, has shown that Villimey production of salves, ointments and apple cider vinegar with Icelandic herbs, is in accordance with the strictest requirements for hygiene and quality practices.

Villimey products contain no added preservatives, fragrance or colour. The natural preservative properties are derived from the herbs.

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