Fjallasæla – Handcrafted Soap with Iceland Moss



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Fjallasaela is a handcrafted soap with Fjallagrös – Iceland moss – Cetraria islandica

Solid soap, neutral colour, „mother earth“ fragrance, dried and ground iceland moss dispersed in soap.

Ingredients: Coconut Oil,Sheep Tallow, Olive Oil, Rapeseed Oil, water, sodium hydroxide, Fragrance oil, Dried and ground iceland moss (Cetraria islandica).

Container / Packaging – natural kraft box with small opening in front. 

Approx. 100 g.

Soap making at Sensual Soaps (Sælusápur)

In its simplest form, soap is made from fat/oil, water and an alkaline substance (e.g. lye). When these ingredients are mixed together, a chemical reaction called saponification occurs, the result of which is a totally new material: soap.

The recipes used by Sensual Soaps are hyper-saturated with oils to ensure that they are mild, containing additional oils as further protection for the skin.

“Old fashioned” soaps, like those made by Sensual Soaps, are a return to the “good old days” with regard to methods of production and choice of ingredients. However, a modern range of quality oils is also used to ensure that the soaps are gentle on the skin. After the Sensual Soaps have reached the end of the production process, they are allowed to mature for 3-4 weeks. This makes certain that the customer always receives a top quality product.

Soap – the first step in skin care

It is of utmost importance to consider well what kind of materials are used when caring for the body’s largest organ, the skin. Sensual Soaps are free from all preservatives and other additives, so that they are an excellent choice for those who put quality and natural ingredients at the top of their list of priorities for skin products. 

The company 

The company, Sensual Soaps, was founded in the spring of 2008 by Guðríður Baldvinsdóttir. She has been producing soap for use in the home for a number of years now and her workshop is at Lón in Kelduhverfi, in the North Þingeyjarsýsla district.

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