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FUTHARK or in Icelandic "Fúþark"

Wall sticker

Size: 11,5 x 120 cm

When Iceland was settled, the written alphabet of the Norse peoples consisted of runes. The word rune originally meant a secret or covert symbol used for magical purposes. Runes were scratched or chiselled into hard material like wood, horn or stone and were characterised by straight lines and angles. The runic alphabet that was used in ancient times is called Futhark based on the first six characters of the alphabet. Almost one hundred rune inscriptions have been discovered in Iceland and the oldest one, found in Viðey (an island just off Reykjavík), is probably from the tenth or eleventh century. It has been hypothesised that inscriptions involving the entire runic alphabet, as seen in the wall sticker, where used as a talisman or had simply been carved for teaching purposes.

Instructions video:


Please read the following instructions carefully before applying the sticker to the wall. A step by step instruction video can be viewed above. The tools required for applying the wall sticker are: a masking tape and a squeegee (a bank card can be used instead of the squeegee). A level may also be useful. If the sticker is large it is recommended that two people assist each other with the application.

  1. The wall stickers are intended for all ordinary indoor walls. Preferably the wall should be fairly smooth to obtain the optimum appearance of the sticker. It is important that the surface is clean and completely dry. Do not apply wall stickers to freshly painted walls. Wait a minimum of three weeks after painting before applying the sticker.
  2. The sticker is positioned between backing paper (white) and transfer tape (translucent). Place the sticker with the backing paper closest to the wall and the transfer tape furthest away from it. It is important to plan the location of the sticker carefully. Once you have decided where the sticker should be, put masking tape on the top edge to hold it in place. To ensure it is straight, a level may be used.
  3. Before you begin applying the sticker to the wall make sure that it adheres to the transfer tape. This is done by rubbing over the transfer tape with your hand or a squeegee (bank card).
  4. Divide the sticker in half by applying masking tape through the middle, perpendicular to its longer side. Lift one side of the sticker off the wall and carefully peel the backing paper towards the middle, starting from a corner. Make sure the sticker follows the transfer tape. If it is stuck to the backing paper smooth it back onto the transfer tape, rub over it and then retry. The backing paper is then cut off.
  5. Lower the sticker against the wall. Start from the middle and carefully rub slowly across it with your hand or squeegee (bank card), working your way out towards the edges. Be careful to hold the part of the sticker that is not being rubbed down away from the wall to prevent it from sticking to it in the wrong places. Once you have rubbed the sticker down with your hand use the squeegee (bank card) to finish off the application. Apply it in a firm and smooth motion. When the first half of the sticker has been successfully applied to the wall use the same method with the second half.
  6. Wait at least 10 minutes and then peel back the edge of the transfer tape and remove it by pulling it slowly and carefully, starting from a corner. If the sticker pulls away with the transfer tape, push it down again with your fingers or the squeegee (bank card) and rub until it sticks properly to the wall.
  7. In the event that air bubbles are remaining after the sticker has been applied, use your fingers to carefully push the bubbles towards the edge of the sticker so the air may escape from beneath it. If this proves difficult simply puncture it with a sharp object, such as a needle or a knife, and press the air out with your fingers.
  8. Stand back and enjoy the view.
  9. If you wish to remove the sticker, warm it up slightly with a hair dryer (to loosen the adhesive) and peel it off slowly. Please note that the sticker cannot be reused.

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